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Customer Engagement to Heal the Pain of Healthcare Services

Consumers today are more and more aware of personal care and health services. If you are running a healthcare business, this is the perfect time to leverage your game and become the cock of the walk.

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Perspectives On Healthcare

The Healthcare industry is massive and continues to grow fast in recent years, becoming more and more competitive.
These trends and insights are up-to-date with statistics provided by Deloitte, McKinsey, PwC, and opinions of C-suite leaders and experts in the fields.

privacy &
security first

Privacy and security are always at top-of-mind for healthcare services.

is key

Patients want a comfortable clinic service and won’t hesitate to leave if the services don’t meet their expectations.

O2O patient

Since the outbreak, people work online, shop online, and want to be taken care of online as well.

& personalized care

Each patient needs different treatments and it’s crucial to give them personalized care.

Boost Patient Satisfaction and a Better Quality of Care

cdp data collection

Serve your patients from online to offline

By using a CDP, healthcare businesses not only gather customer feedback but also make it easy to create customer-centric roadmaps based on this feedback and help connect customer data to the best-in-class stack necessary to create an excellent customer experience.

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survey form

Easily collect your patients’ opinions and reviews

Surveys are the most cost-effective and reliable approach to collecting your patients’ opinions. With Mobio survey form that connects directly to CDP, you can gather patients’ reviews and have a deeper understanding of what your clinic’s strengths are, attracting and maintaining long-term patient relationships.

customer conversation

Make your patients feel safe and sound

Give your customer a 5-star service with our Services Management. We also provide smart response rules that help your team reply to customers in under a minute and minimize your churn rate! But wait! There are more!

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journey builder

Seamless & personalized patient experience

CX is a vital component in today's healthcare service as patients now want a fulfill personalized experience. Mobio helps healthcare business keep their eyes off patients from the moment they first visit your site, to the time they first make their first apointment, and help you upsell, cross-sell using voucher strategy.

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