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Mobio is an all-in-one platform for the Marketing, Sales, and Service team with CDP at the heart.
Our product was designed to address daily business challenges and create true value for our customers.

for marketing team

for sales team

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We help Enterprises achieve their goals!

Core Value

Customer Data Platform

CDP is the heart of our products. As a tech consulting company, we know that data is a real treasure to build frictionless customer journeys and lead business decisions along the way.



Our Operating System

We know the right solutions for your business problems.

Marketing Management

Journey Builder

Email Marketing

Trigger Campaign

Customer Journey

Journey Builder is our highlight marketing feature that is designed to help marketers build a cross-cutting script for digital marketing campaigns and capture every customer touchpoint along the way.

Personalized Messages
Direct to Mailbox

Create unique email styles for your brand and deliver 1-to-1 messages to your customers. Upgrade your email sender reputation with our email strategy toolkit.

Meaningful Reaction
for all User Interaction

Engage customers at every step of the user lifecycle and deliver the right messages, at the right time in a one-to-one journey.

Sales Management

Lead Distribution

Sales Pipeline

Task Management

The Right Leads
to the Right Reps

A rule-based platform that automates generating quality leads to a suitable salesman in the team.

Build your own Sales Process

Design the most efficient sales process and take control of your own progress, increase revenue and reduce the time to close the sale on each order.

Keep track every step of your work

Contact customers via every channel, book meetings, and appointments, remind any tasks you missed and any other sales tasks so you can focus on closing deals.

Service Management

Social & Chat


Loyalty Management

Connect on Time, on Target

Respond to customers via every social channel and the website in real-time and improve customer response times with our smart algorithm.

Track, prioritize, and solve CS tickets

All your customer information is stored in one place, thereby communication between you and your customers is efficient, relevant, and personal.

Raise brand awareness

Create and manage immersive loyalty programs, drive sustained brand loyalty and advocacy, improved customer experiences and business value.

why Mobio?

Why Enterprises Choose Mobio?

All-in-one Platform
We involve every operation tool for your business and a CDP at the core to store and manage data efficiently. Integrate all data sources and activation tools at ease.
We offer personal consulting to get your business issues and develop features based on your desires. We have a complete process that is easy to follow and implement.
We offer a flexible deployment plan to ensure every company’s data security policy. You can store your data on Mobio Cloud or On-premises of your own Data Center.

Customer Use Cases

Inspired by Our Customer’s Success Stories

Sun Group
Phong Vu
Galle Watch


Most Helpful Paper selected by our Customers

Why 2022 is the year for Retailers to use CDP?

A CDP gives a retailer the ability to grab and integrate data from all the places their customers enagage.

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How Customer Behavior changes in Post-covid?

The new consumer behaviors span all areas of life, from how we work to how we shop to how we entertain ourself.

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How Banking Industry adapts to the Digital Era?

During the crisis, banks' clients now prefer online banking and digital app for all their transaction.

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Banking cases

CDP use case:
Banking sector

In the Banking industry, data security and privacy are top of mind. Banks hold the most sensitive data and have the highest security requirements. Even sharing data across organizations could be a challenge as its restricted surrounding regulations.

To learn how banks use MOBIO CDP to deal with their data complexity challenges, please contact us for private documents and consulting.

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