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Conquer the Era of Privacy and Digital-first in the BFSI

industry | BFSI

Conquer the Era of Privacy and Digital-first in the BFSI

solutions for banks

Best CDP for Banking Services

Card Center

Manage all Card Programs, boost customer spending and transaction, cross-sell and upsell effectively, and reduce churn rate.

Digital Banking

Grow app installation rate, eKYC, and time spent on the app; track every customer touchpoint in the mobile app; optimize CX and digital service registration rates.

Retail Banking

Increase top-funnel leads quality, improve the sales process, share data across teams and channels, grow and optimize CX while upholding data privacy.

trusted by many innovative banks in vietnam

To learn deeper about our designed solutions for the banking sector and banking cases,
please contact us for private consulting.

solutions for fintech


With Mobio Platform, Fintechs can serve customers at a much faster pace, speed up transactions safely and securely. Fintechs can identify spending habits, as well as help users save money. Fintechs focus on bespoke services that meet every demand of the customer, and this is where data comes into play.

See how Fintechs can attune to their customers' needs completely with our platform.

solutions for insurance


Achieve true 1-to-1 personalized communications with policyholders & prospects in real-time with our intelligent engagement platform for insurance providers that goes beyond your standard CDP.

Mobio Platform to maximize revenue per policyholder of your insurance customers.

solutions for digital wallet

Digital wallet

CDP helps Digital wallet to better manage their customer financial data privacy. Digital wallet companies can also create end-to-end marketing campaigns and build frictionless customer journeys while upholding all the customer data securely.

See how one of the top E-wallet in Vietnam successfully use MOBIO CDP to conquer the customer-obsessed era.


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