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Can finance industry keeps up in this digital age?

A blur customer picture

Siloed customer data across departments creates a blind spot when it comes to understanding the customer journey and their needs.

The rise of FinTech and evolving customer

Rising competitors and customer expectations create a two-pronged challenge for finance companies: acquiring new customers and keeping existing ones engaged.

Balance compliance and security

Stricter data privacy regulations and increasing cyber threats require robust data management and security solutions to ensure compliance and build customer trust.

Beyond acquisition

Acquiring customers is just the beginning. The key is to leverage data to personalize loyalty programs, identify upselling opportunities, and unlock customer potential for long-term value.

A New Approach for Long-term Financial Relationships

Enhance customer understanding
Enhance customer understanding

The digital revolution demands a shift in FSI customer engagement. A CDP unlocks a unified view of your customers, revealing goals, risk profiles, and preferences beyond basic demographics. This empowers business to personalize financial plans, predict churn, and identify upselling opportunities.

Reimagine financial journey
Reimagine financial journey

By tracking every touchpoint and interaction across the client lifecycle, business can provide timely, relevant advice that aligns with clients' financial objectives. This capability not only boosts client engagement but also fosters trust and loyalty over time.

Seamless omni-channel experiences
Seamless omni-channel experiences

CDP enables financial institutions to deliver personalized experiences across various channels, including online portals, mobile apps, and chat platforms. Through smart automation and rule-based systems, finance professionals can engage clients proactively, ensuring consistent and convenient service delivery regardless of the channel used.

Build stronger bonds through data-driven loyalty
Build stronger bonds through data-driven loyalty

Fostering long-term financial relationships is paramount in the finance industry. By enabling finance professionals to nurture client relationships through tailored financial advice, proactive communication, and value-added services, CDP helps promote financial wellness and cultivate advocacy among satisfied clients.

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Choose Mobio as your Regulation Compliant Partner

Decree 13/2022/ND-CP Compliance

Mobio's secure deployment options and rigorous data handling practices ensure compliance with Decree 13, safeguarding sensitive financial data in accordance with Vietnamese regulations.

GDPR & CCPA Compliance

As a trusted service provider, Mobio adheres to GDPR & CCPA regulation with data minimization, user consent management, and the right to erasure.

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Mobio thrives in the banking sector, serving almost one-third of the Vietnamese market. Our confidence stems from providing highly effective, tailored solutions for each bank's unique needs. Ready to embark on your digital transformation journey?

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