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Streamline your Data Platform and Centralize Customer Data Infrastructure

Record and track customers’ online behavior across devices in real-time, gather insights on customers’ data trails, and be supplemented by other owned data sources.

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360-degree customer view

See a Complete View of Customer: From Lead to Advocacy

MOBIO CDP allows businesses to use accurate customer data in real-time to access, active, and orchestrate the customer journey, create a 360-degree customer view from O2O data sources.


operation cdp functions

Easier and Faster to Access and Manage your Data

Data collection

Mobio CDP collects 1st-party data, including basic profile data, engagement data, and transaction data. These datas comes from various sources: web, mobile, email, marketing campaigns, CRM, surveys, ecommerce systems, and more. The data comes in many formats, structured and unstructured.

The data is ingested in real-time, continually feeding the CDP with current customer data.

profile unification

This is the process of turning raw data from multiple sources, which might be incomplete, conflicting, unclean, and discordant into a set of unified profiles (or golden records), that you trust and rely on consistently in every service you use.

Unifying data involves merging a company’s many fragmented data sources into one, single central view that uses the best available information for every single User or Account you reference in your systems

The benefit of Data Unification is that it provides a more holistic and accurate view of your many data sources.

customer segmentation

MOBIO CDP provides tools to define audience segments based on attributes and behaviors. Segmentation can improve targeting and personalization. Segments are rules-based, or they are built using machine learning and AI.

Using the customer segmentation capabilities of a customer data platform, you can do things like:
-Identify Advocates
- Predict Customer Churn
- Identify potential Upsell and Cross-sell opportunities
- Identify Top-Performing Customers

business activation

Once the profile is complete, our CDP can enrich the profile by integrating second and third-party data sources. Enriching profiles using Mobio AI to fill in missing information such as gender, age, interests and place that profile live in. It also helps with building a richer set of seed segments for advertising platforms—enhancing prospecting activities with higher match rates and market reach.

mobio CDP’s additional functions

Collect, Store, Unify and other Capabilities

Realtime Audience
Collect and update profile information in real-time, immediately activate the operating system.
360-degree view
All collected information is saved and shown in CDP to create a full and detailed picture of each customer, including their activities, sentiment, transactions, ticket.
Auto Collection
Automatically recognize and store phone numbers and emails in Customer’s comments on social channels or private messages.
Dynamic Fields
Allow users to create and define new data fields as per business characteristics and automatically create the corresponding filter criteria.
AI Sentiment Predict
Read customers’ sentiments through social comments and divide them into 3 types: Positive, Neutral, and Negative.
Data Enrichment
Analyze existing data, Facebook data & web interaction behavior to enrich profile information about their gender, age, location, and interests.

mobio cdp Architecture

The Perfect Chore for your Data Harmony

Data are the cornerstone upon which companies are launching their digital transformations—investing in analytics capabilities, machine learning, robotics, and other technologies to boost their odds of success.



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