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What is MTP and how to estimate it?

What is MTP?

Monthly Tracked Profiles, known as MTPs, represent the heart and soul of Mobio Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing module. These profiles are your customers being carefully monitored and tracked on a monthly basis in Mobio Platform. Some platforms refer to this as Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) or Monthly Unique Visitors.

When your business uses Mobio’s CDP & Marketing, we bestow upon you the ability to understand and cherish each individual customer through these MTPs. These profiles become the key to unlocking the vast potential of personalized marketing and delightful customer experiences.

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What are Messages?

At Mobio, we believe that communication is the foundation of enchanting relationships with your customers. That’s why our CDP empowers you to send a plethora of delightful messages to engage, inspire, and delight your audience. These captivating messages may take the form of emails, popup notifications, web push notifications, and text messages.

In Mobio Platform, the total number of business messages sent each month is determined by multiplying the number of MTPs by 10. Imagine reaching out to 100,000 MTPs, knowing that you can enchant an astounding 1,000,000 messages to capture their hearts.

Should your messages overflow and surpass the number of messages allowed by your MTPs multiplied by ten. We understand the essence of endless possibilities, and we offer you the opportunity to send additional messages at a nominal fee.

What is an Event?

An Event stands as a testament to the actions captured by the system for each profile. These actions range from logging into the system, visiting a website, scrolling through a page, opening an email, clicking a link, and so on.

What can be considered as an MTP?

Each MTP represents a single customer profile diligently tracked within our CDP. Whether they visit your website, interact with captivating content, download and delight in your app, or open and read online messages, they will only remain one MTP in our realm.

Common customer behaviors that contribute to MTP

  • Customers visiting the business website.
  • Customers engaging in website activities like scrolling, clicking buttons, viewing specific pages, and interacting with pop-ups.
  • Customers downloading the business app and performing activities within the app.
  • Customers receiving and interacting with online messages across different channels.

Examples of MTP by Industry

Retail Industry

  • Customers viewing and adding products to the cart.
  • Customers making purchases in-store and leaving transaction details.
  • Customers connecting to Mobio-integrated Smart WiFi in physical stores.
  • Customers downloading the mobile app.

Finance and Banking Industry

  • Customers interacting with bank cards, making transactions, or changing card statuses.
  • Customers opening bank accounts.
  • Customers downloading and using mobile banking apps.

Hospitality Industry

  • Customers making a booking or completing night audit transactions.
  • Customers checking in or checking out.
  • Customers leaving reviews and feedback.
  • Customers using vouchers or upgrading their memberships.

How to estimate your business’s MTPs?

Estimating your MTPs is an essential step for your business when selecting the optimal software package. Mobio currently offers the Professional plan as the entry point, featuring 100,000 MTPs. For a comprehensive overview of package details and accompanying features, please read this for more information.

The approach to estimating MTP count varies depending on your business data scale. Each business typically employs its unique method. Normally, businesses sum up the user or customer counts across their various channels. However, it’s important to note that MTPs specifically refer to profiles being tracked by the system. Therefore, the count should only encompass customers who have exhibited certain behaviors.

To illustrate, suppose your business has the following channels: website, mobile app, physical store, Facebook, Zalo OA, and Excel file data:

  • Website: Monthly average traffic reaches 160,000 visitors.
  • Mobile app: There are 5,000 user accounts on your mobile app but only 2,500 monthly interactive users.
  • Store: Averaging 35,000 monthly purchasing customers.
  • Smart WiFi: Approximately 60,000 individuals log in to Smart WiFi per month.
  • Facebook: Total followers are 140,000, with an average monthly interaction count of 40,000.
  • Excel file: The business possesses on Excel file with data for 6,000 customers. However uploading data from file will not calculated as MTPs.
  • Zalo OA: While 6,000 followers are present, the monthly interactive account count is 2,000.

Now adding these figures together, we have:

MTPs = 160,000 + 2,500 + 35,000 + 60,000 + 40,000 + 2,000 = 299,500

Hence, your estimated MTP count stands at 265,500. Accordingly, the suitable package for your needs would be the Professional package, providing 300,000 MTPs and allowing you to send 3,000,000 messages per month.

It’s important to acknowledge the potential presence of duplicated data in your estimated MTP count, which will be streamlined upon integration with Mobio CDP. Thus, the provided estimation serves as a preliminary figure. Certainly, Mobio will continuously monitor your MTPs in real-time and furnish you with comprehensive reports detailing your marketing performance, offering a clear picture of your business’s MTP ownership up to the current point in the month. This empowers you to reconcile this count with your actual usage.

Why does Mobio use MTP for Pricing? How does this method benefit your business?

The MTP pricing approach is exclusively applicable to the CDP & Marketing module. This pricing method resonates with the very essence of the Customer Data Platform architecture. 

CDP captures every customer event across all touchpoints. CDP demands more of the system’s resources and entails larger data storage compared to conventional Marketing Automation software. As a result, the costs associated with CDP are based on the volume of customer data stored within the system, encompassing interactions, behaviors, and customer events. This extends to both identified and unidentified customer data, as opposed to the confined nature of Marketing Automation systems’ focus solely on identified customer profiles.

However, it is incongruous for businesses to pay for profiles that are inactive, or not getting any messages from any campaigns. Hence, businesses should be charged only for the MTPs that engage in campaigns and activate behaviors during the month. Profiles that do not engage in online interactions requiring tracking will remain blissfully free from charges, ensuring fair and enchanting pricing for business.

This approach revolves around the principle of paying for usage as it’s consumed, offering a streamlined and efficient pricing structure tailored to your business’s specific needs.

Difference between Professional and Enterprise Plan

From August 2023, Mobio introduced Professional and Enterprise plans for medium and large enterprises.

These plans share similar features, with the main difference being the quantity of MTPs available. More MTPs means a lower cost per profile tracked.

Explore each plan’s details for a better understanding.

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